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DVD Update 10/8 (Iron Man 3, The Little Mermaid)

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Scholastic Storybook Treasures: The Halloween Stories Collection (Available on DVD October 15, 2013)


Just in time for Halloween, these new not-so-scary stories on DVD arrive from the nationally acclaimed, multi-award-winning Scholastic Storybook Treasures series, which brings best-selling children’s storybooks to life and promotes a love literature. With faithful adaptations and celebrity narrations, this critically acclaimed DVD series has won hundreds of awards and sold than 2.5 million videos.

Features Read-Along Function, Author Interviews, including Kevin Henkes, Bob Barner and Linda Williams





Curse of Chucky (Available on Blu-ray Combo Pack with DVD October 8, 2013)


He’s back! From the filmmakers that brought you Chucky comes the terrifying return of the pint-sized doll possessed by the spirit of a notorious serial killer. When a mysterious package arrives at the house of Nica (Fionna Dourif), she doesn’t give it much thought. However, after her mother’s mysterious death Nica begins to suspect that the talking red-haired doll her visiting neice has been playing with may be the key to the ensuing bloodshed and chaos. The return of America’s favorite toy, voiced again by Brad Dourif, is unrated and full of more blood-spattered thrills and chills.

Exclusive Features include Deleted Scenes, Gag Reel, Feature Commentary and much more!





Hart of Dixie: The Complete Second Season (Available on DVD October 15, 2013)


Season Two opens with beautiful talented New Yorker Dr. Zoe Hart (Rachel Bilson) continuing her medical practice and beginning to find her footing in tiny BlueBell, Alabama. As if Zoe’s sizzling connection with bad boy bartender Wade Kinsella (Wilson Bethel) and strong emotional ties to sexy lawyer George Tucker (Scott Porter) aren’t enough to send her over the edge, an election scandal is brewing between her best friend, Mayor Lavon Hayes (Cress Williams), and his opponent, an old flame and former rival of Lemon Breeland (Jaime King)! When a handsome new doctor arrives in the quirky town, romance is almost as contagious as the flu. Not even Lemon’s daddy, Dr. Brick Breeland (Tim Matheson), is immune to love’s charms. Don’t miss these 22 irresistible episodes of the dramatic comedy that celebrates big love, small towns and steamy southern nights.






Glee: The Complete Fourth Season (Available on DVD and Blu-ray October 1, 2013)


Season 4 of the exhilarating Emmy-winning series finds Rachel and Kurt in New York City, Finn with a surprising new career, Will and Emma at a crosswords and Sue confronting a shocking situation! Meanwhile tension mounts as the kids in New Directions head for Regionals, facing new challenges. Featuring exciting new cast members, phenomenal  guest stars and electrifying musical numbers, Glee remains TV’s most enthralling, most topically relevant show. Special Features include Glee on Film, Deleted Scenes, And Much More!






This Is the End (Available on Blu-ray Combo Pack, DVD and Digital on October 1, 2013)


Fans of “Pineapple Express” and “Your Highness” will rejoice at the familiar humor and dark comedy pervading “This Is the End”. For everyone else, it’s clear that the creators of this latest end-of-the-world farce have learned little from the mistakes of such preceding endeavors, as virtually every pratfall and shortcoming is repeated in spades. The clever ideas and amusing cameos start as just that, yet “This Is the End” imprudently barrels forward with each mirthful moment and heedlessly disregards judicious restraint until the sequence overstays its welcome and ceases to be witty. Many of the heavily improvisational conversations are the highlights of the film, with insults hurled at breakneck speeds and characters’ vices and faults exaggerated with cynical glee. Why the story stubbornly wanders towards twisted realms of pensive apocalyptic themes is a rather disappointing mystery.

During his time in Los Angeles, Jay Baruchel wants nothing more than a quiet and relaxing stay at his friend Seth Rogen’s place. But Seth insists upon dragging Jay to a wild party at actor James Franco’s new mansion where he urges his guest to try bonding with the likes of Craig Robinson, Jonah Hill, Michael Cera and more. Finding himself unable to connect with the judgmental and condescending attitudes of Rogen’s friends, Jay decides to leave the party only to be halted by an event of cataclysmic magnitude. Now, forced to take shelter in Franco’s home with a band of obnoxious survivors, Jay must figure out how to save everyone – or just save himself.

Special Features include Commentary with Seth Rogan and Evan Goldberg, Directing your Friends, and more!





Supernatural: The Complete Eighth Season (Available on Blu-ray and DVD September 10, 2013)


The Leviathan threat has ended but Dean’s miraculous return from Purgatory unsettles his relationship with his brother, especially his friendship with fellow escapee and vampire Benny. Sam is haunted by his “last chance” romance with a woman where he finally found something of a normal life.  Both Winchesters face shattering choices along with their best chance to strike a deathblow to evil. A Divine Tablet reveals the means to closing the Gates of Hell forever, but the cost may be cataclysmic to them and their angelic ally Castiel. Full of demons, witches, vampires, titans, a fairy, a hellhound, a golem and toontown terror trip this is Sam and Dean’s most horrific journey yet.

Supernatural: The Complete Eighth Season contains all 23 gripping episodes from season eight and is packed with nearly four hours of bonus contact – including 3 featurettes, 3 commentaries, deleted scenes, a gag reel and more!






The Vampire Diaries: The Complete Fourth Season (Available on DVD and Blu-ray Combo Pack September 3, 2013)


Senior year is finally here, and Elena should be having the time of her life. Instead, she faces her worst nightmare, struggling with the painful transformation from human to vampire. As Damon mentors Elena into a supernatural life, their repressed passions explode, causing Stefan to undertake a desperate quest to restore humanity to the girl he adores. But as Elena ruthlessly quenches her newfound thirst for blood, and her friends race to find a vampire cure based on clues inked onto Jeremy’s flesh, the world around them falls prey to a host of sinister forces.

Mystic Falls takes on vampire hunters, a hybrid rebellion and more in all 23 pulse-pounding Season Four episodes.






The Gangster (Available on DVD and Blu-ray July 23, 2013)


The Gangster is based on the notorious Bangkokian gangs of the 1950s-60s. The story follows a newly released prisoner who desires to live Straight, but knowing nothing else but the life of a gangster, he returns to his old gang.

Special Features include The Making of The Gangster, Behind the Scenes and International Trailer.






The Best of the Original: An Evening at The Improv (Available on DVD October 8, 2013)


The image of a stand-up comic – standing alone with a microphone before a brick wall and in front of a live audience – is as indelible and iconic as any in the world of comedy. It’s an image that’s been associated with virtually any comedian who’s ever broken into the business. And if he (or she!) is anyone in the business then he got his/her first laughs on the wildly popular series An Evening at The Improv, which had its original premiere as one-hour shows in 1982 on the A&E Network. Now, finally, those original shows can be seen (and heard!) in the four disc DVD collection The Best of (The  Original) An Evening at the Improv.






Kiss of the Damned (Now on Available on Blu-ray!)


Beautiful vampire Djuna tries to resist the advances of the handsome, human screenwriter Paolo, but eventually gives in to their passion. When her seductive and highly volatile sister Mimi unexpectedly comes to visit, she threatens Djuna’s new relationship, and the whole vampire community becomes endangered.

Special Features include Interviews, Commentary and Theatrical Trailers!






The Little Mermaid: Diamond Edition (Available on Blu-ray 3D, Blu-ray, Digital Copy and SD Digital Formats October 1, 2013)


The Little Mermaid, one of the most celebrated animated films of all time, is now spectacularly transformed for the first time on Blu-ray and Digital Copy with a state-of-the-art digitally restored picture and brilliant high definition sound!

Venture under the sea where Ariel, a free-spirited mermaid princess, longs to be part of the human world. After bravely striking a bargain with Urusla, a sneaky sea witch. Ariel embarks on the adventure of a lifetime. With Flounder and Sebastian at her side, Ariel will need all of her courage and determination to make things right in both her worlds.

Special features include over 3 hours of content, including a new digital restoration (which isn’t really a special feature, though it is touted as such), Carly Rae Jepsen’s music video (a common update to re-released versions of Disney’s classic animated features), interactive intermissions, a sing-along karaoke feature, information on the deleted character Harold the Merman, Jodi Benson’s trip to Fantasyland, a behind-the-scenes featurette on current Disney animators, and a lecture on the music. It’s obvious that these re-releases, while boasting sharp packaging and the crisper quality of Blu-ray, are geared more toward entertaining kids rather than appeasing the hardcore collector.






Modern Family: The Complete Fourth Season (Available Now on DVD and Blu-ray!)


The laughs – and the awards – just keep on coming for the #1-rated Modern Family, winner of three consecutive Emmyr Awards for Outstanding Comedy Series! With Jay and Gloria’s baby on the way and Haley going off to college, the entire Pritchett/Dunphy clan faces some major surprises as they bicker and bond over house-flipping headaches, unwanted play dates, and everything from hot-tempered hormones to in utero karaoke. Featuring a stellar array of guest stars including Matthew Broderick, Shelley Long and Elizabeth Banks, Season Four takes a heartfelt and laugh-out-loud hilarious look at what it means to be a Modern Family.







The Dean Martin Celebrity Roasts: Collector’s Edition (Available on DVD October 8, 2013)


What began as a ratings booster for the final season of “The Dean Martin Show” in 1973 evolved in to “The Dean Martin Celebrity Roasts”, an eagerly awaited franchise of regular NBC Television specials that targeted the biggest names in the world of entertainment and beyond. From Bob Hope to Muhammad Ali, Johnny Carson to Lucille Ball, Gov. Ronal Reagan to Redd Foxx (roasted twice), anybody with thick skin and a good agent was fair game.





Evocateur: The Morton Downey Jr. Movie (Available on Blu-ray September 3, 2013)


In the late ‘80s, the masses fixated on a single, sociopathic star: Morton Downey, Jr. He tore apart the traditional talk format by turning debate of current issues into a gladiator pit. His blow-smoke-in-your-face style drew cult following, but also the title “Father of Trash Television.”

Bonus Features include Memorable Moments, Behind Animation, An Evening with Kellie Everts, Commentary and Trailers!






Hammer of the Gods (Available on Blu-ray and DVD September 10, 2013)


Britain, 871 AD – a young Viking warrior, Steinar (Charlie Bewley), is sent by his father the king on a quest to find his estranged brother, who was banished from the kingdom many years before. Steinar’s epic journey across terrifyingly hostile territory gradually sees him emerge as the man his father wants him to be – the ruthless and unforgiving successor to his throne.

Bonus Features include Interviews, The Making Of, and Behind the Scenes!





Arrow: The Complete First Season (Available on Blu-ray Combo Pack and DVD September 17, 2013)


Based on DC Comics, Green Arrow superhero comic book series, Arrow has been reinvented for a modern day audience and comes to DVD and BD for the first time. After being marooned for five years on a remote island, billionaire Oliver Queen returns home with a mysterious agenda and a lethal set of new skills that he uses in a war on crime in this hard-hitting action series. After suffering unimaginable ordeals on the island, the Oliver returns to Starling City a new man — determined to right the wrongs of his father and sworn to bring justice to those who’ve corrupted his city. But Oliver finds his crusade complicated by his friends and family who are all affected by his return.

Special Features include Cast and Crew Commentary, Behind the Scenes, Gag Reel and Much More!!





The Mentalist: The Complete Fifth Season (Available on DVD September 17, 2013)


Last season’s assault, narcotics and fraud charges against California Bureau of Investigation (CBI) consultant Patrick Jane have been dropped, and its back to business as usual. Or business as unusual for Jane, who uses mind games, tricks and his super sharp skills of observation to solve the state’s most puzzling homicides. In a new season that include the 100th episode, Jane’s obsession with finding Red John consumes his every waking moment , drawing him outside the law and closer than ever to the serial killer’s true identity. But when homeland security and the FBI team up with the CBI on the case, Jane’s unorthodox methods antagonize even his most loyal allies.  Can Jane’s skill and charm continue to see him through? How far is too far? Follow the clues in all 22 mesmerizing, unnerving Season Five episodes. Special Features include from Script to Screen and More!





A Letter to Three Wives: 65th Anniversary Edition (Available Now on Blu-ray!)



Joseph L. Mankiewicz’s timeless Best Picture Nominee and two-time Oscarr Winner* (Best Directing and Best Screenplay) is even more intriguing on Blu-ray. Ann Sothern, Linda Darnell and Jeanne Crain star as three women whose boat trip is delayed when they receive a letter from a friend who claims to have run off with one of their husbands.

Special Features include Commentary and More!





Leverage: The Final Season (Available now on DVD!)


Leverage focuses on a team led by former insurance investigator turned thief, Nate Ford (Hutton). Together, they try to level the playing field for people whose lives have been destroyed by the rich and powerful. In the final season of Leverage, the team will be forced to face changing personal dynamics as the relationship between Parker (Riesgraf) and Hardison (Hodge) heats up, and Nate continues to struggle with inner demons. Among their upcoming jobs, they will target a conniving shipping executive (guest star Cary Elwes); weathly scientist; an ex-hockey-player-turned-team-owner (guest star Treat Williams); a corrupt restaurateur; and a corrupt businessman (guest star Matthew Lillard). In addition, the team will once again face their nemesis, insurance-investigator-turned Interpol-agent Jim Sterling (guest star Mark Sheppard).

Special Features include Audio Commentary, Deleted Scenes, and Gag Reel!





The Greatest Ears in Town: The Arif Mardin Story (Available on DVD and Digital November 5, 2013)


The Greatest Ears in Town: The Arif Mardin Story chronicles the life and career of Arif Mardin, a 12-time Grammy winner who produced over 50 gold and platinum records with sales topping 50-million units. The documentary is filled with rare studio footage, photos, incredible music and in-depth interviews with Aretha Franklin, Quincy Jones, Sir George Martin, Chaka Khan, Bette Midler, Norah Jones, Dr John, Willie Nelson, Phil Collins and Jewel among others.





Zombie Hunter (Available DVD, Digital and Blu-ray October 8, 2013)


When a street drug turns junkies into an army of giant, mutant flesh-eaters, no hope is left – but one man remains. Hunter’s got nothing left but a beat-up Camero, a trunk full of guns and booze, and a vendetta. He crashes into a small group of survivors, led by an ax-wielding priest named Jesus (Danny Trejo). They’re searching for the promised land – but does it even exist? They better pray for a miracle, because the zombies are hot on their heels. And the psychotic clown with a chainsaw? You don’t even wanna know.






V/H/S/2 (Available NOW on DVD and Blu-ray!)


From the innovative minds that brought you last year’s V/H/S comes V/H/S/2, an all-new anthology of dread, madness, and gore. Searching for a missing student, two private investigators break into his abandoned house and find a collection of mysterious VHS tapes. In viewing the horrific contents of each cassette, they realize there may be terrifying motives behind the student’s disappearance.

Special Features include Filmmaker Commentary, Behind the Scenes, Trailers and Much More!





The East (Available on Blu-ray September 17, 2013)


From producer Ridley Scott and directed by Zal Batmanglij comes a taut, sexy thriller starring Brit Marling (Arbitrage), Alexander Skarsgard (TV’s True Blood) and Oscarr Nominee Ellen Page. Sarah Moss (Marling) is an ambitious new recruit at an elite private intelligence firm. Her first undercover assignment is to infiltrate The East, an elusive activist collective that terrorizes corporate leaders who commit crimes against humanity. The more involved she gets, the more Sarah’s life is in danger in this great conspiracy thriller.

Blu-ray Special Features include Featurettes and Deleted Scenes.





Mama’s Family: The Complete Seasons One & Two (Available NOW on DVD!)

dvd_mamasfamily2 dvd_mamasfamily1

Headed by the ornery and formidable matriarch Thelma Mae Crowley Harper, Viki Lawrence’s indelible and abrasive alter ego, the Harper family put run of the mill relations to shame. This September viewers can bring home this hilarious and sometimes heart warming family comedy to the highest degree with Mama’s Family: The Complete Seasons One & Two.

Each DVD contains great bonus features, including the critically acclaimed and never-available on DVD teleplay “Eunice” and more!





Iron Man 3 (Available NOW on DVD, Digital and Blu-ray!)


Suffering from panic bouts and nightmares from the recent Manhattan milestone involving the Avengers team, Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.) must cope with his haunted psyche and the strain it has put on his relationship with Pepper Potts (Gwyneth Paltrow). When a maniacal terrorist dubbed The Mandarin (Ben Kingsley) begins setting off bombs and threatening the President, the world once again turns to Iron Man to save them. In a moment of arrogance, the billionaire playboy publicly challenges Mandarin, causing the madman to bring the fight directly to Stark’s home. Now, Iron Man must uncover the secrets behind the enigmatic terrorist to stop his diabolical machinations while simultaneously thwarting several demons from his own past.  As he fights his way back, Stark discovers the answer to the question that has secretly haunted him: does the man make the suit or does the suit make the man?

There’s a good chance that Marvel is holding back something, especially since in-depth pre-production and post-production content and making-of documentaries are clearly absent. A Database Second Screen experience allows users to download an additional app before unlocking extra tidbits. This is time-consuming and not entirely worthwhile – it’s not so much an extra feature as it is just extra work. A Marvel One-Shot entitled “Agent Carter” gives viewers a bit of backstory on the female agent (Hayley Atwell), while a commentary track by the director/writer and the other writer gives insight on the project as a whole. A brief 10-minute behind-the-scenes doc makes an appearance, as well as a breakdown of the Air Force One scene. Wrapping things up are nearly 20 minutes of deleted and extended scenes, a teaser for Thor’s sequel, and a gag reel.



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