3 Cult-Classic Movies To Inspire Your Next Road Trip
3 Cult-Classic Movies To Inspire Your Next Road Trip

With over 100 million Americans planning their next vacation this year, nearly 53% of traveling families are expected to pack up their cars for a road trip within the next coming months. Regardless of the season, the great American roads remain a major draw for families across the country, with Hollywood films as part of the blame. So, if you’re ready for a road-trip movie binge, check out these 3 cult-classic films that’ll set the tone for your next journey on the road.


Little Miss Sunshine


Little Miss Sunshine is one indie film that set the tone for other indies. After grossing over $100 million at the box office, the movie was nominated for 4 Academy Awards – with just an $8 million budget.  The film’s success is due to the funny, yet heartfelt story of a dysfunctional family that travels across the U.S. to enter their daughter in a beauty pageant. Meanwhile, members of the family consist of colorful personalities and work towards surviving internal conflicts from the beginning. In the end, this happy-go-lucky film shares the growing love of a family that is stuck with each other on the road, no matter how dysfunctional they might be.


We’re the Millers


Another comedy that portrays a dysfunctional family road trip is about a small-time drug dealer in debt to his supplier who agrees to smuggle a major supply of marijuana from Mexico. As a cover-up, Jason Sudeikis hires a few “family members” to join him on a caravan trip to Mexico.  So, who does he hire to be a part of the pretend family? A cynical stripper named Rose, a wannabe customer named Kenny, and a Streetwise rebel teen named Casey. With one stripper wife, two odd kids, and a wrecked RV later, the Millers head south of the border.


The Blues Brothers


What starts as a mission to help save their orphanage transitions into so much more when Elwood Blues and his recently paroled brother, Jake, end up trying to reunite one of the hottest blues bands in the country. However, as the brothers embark on their journey, they must overcome a few bumpy roads along the way. This leaves no time to slow down for any inconvenience – like the police following their motorhome trail. Not to mention, Jake’s obsessed girlfriend stalks the brothers with no intention of letting the Blues siblings perform, let alone letting Jake live. This comedy film is sure to keep the family on the edge of their seats the whole way through.

If you’re looking for more inspiration on your next roadside adventure or just seeking new films to enjoy, add these movies to your list. After all, sometimes a non-stop adrenaline road trip is all you need for a great vacation.