Alice Goodbody (Gosh! or How to Succeed in Hollywood Without Really Acting) (1974)
Alice Goodbody (Gosh! or How to Succeed in Hollywood Without Really Acting) (1974)

Genre: Comedy Running Time: 1 hr. 20 min.

Release Date: December 13th, 1974 MPAA Rating: R

Director: Tom Scheuer Actors: Sharon Kelly, Daniel Kauffman, Keith McConnell, Vic Caesar, Norman Fields, Arem Fisher, C.D. LaFleure, Lorna Thayer, Angela Carnon, Mary Sinclair




hesty, nimble-minded redhead Alice Goodbody (Sharon Kelly, aka Colleen Brennan) – whose torso-based goods are revealed in all their glory during the opening titles – waitresses at a diner in Hollywood, but dreams of becoming a movie star. When Myron Mittleman (Daniel Kauffman) notices her at work, he offers her a bit part in his ongoing musical, “Julius Caesar.” After all, he’s a second assistant production manager. “This could be your big break.”

Of course, on her rise to the top, a line of sleazy superiors await sexual favors – a few of which don’t appear as coerced as much as they’re simply offered up by the wide-eyed starlet. Later, however, she’s instructed outright to sleep with various execs (who grow increasingly more peculiar or grotesque) in order to advance her career. It’s a terribly typical premise for a ‘70s sex comedy, though most often reserved for pornographic pictures; here, there’s a lot of plot (flimsy as it may be) and dialogue to get in the way of Goodbody’s intermittent nakedness.

“I must be jinxed!” As a curious complication, throughout Alice’s employment at Massive Pictures Inc., she continually gets injured – first taking a boom mike to the eye, then a light to the back of the head, then a tumble off a set, with each mishap gaining her accumulating physical damages – from bruises to a neck brace to a broken arm. It’s a weird inclusion, since it doesn’t interfere with her sexual liaisons – and, in an almost unrelated, accidental manner, influences her advancing stardom. Ultimately, Alice may be pleasantly naive and innocent enough, but the persistent male chauvinism that surrounds her isn’t as humorous as it is merely uncomfortable (and probably too realistic for casual crowds).

“My god, will it never end?” The mostly ineffective interludes of comic relief feel misplaced, especially since they’re rarely funny (oftentimes slipping into the realm of disgusting) and they stretch out the expectedly brief running time, which is itself predominantly just a series of excuses to show obscured, softcore sex and nudity. There are even a few strangely unique shots, such as a vagina-cam, mixed into this ultra low-budget sexfest, produced, written, edited, and directed by Tom Scheuer (four tasks for which this movie would remain his only credits). Although this is a largely uninteresting, mediocre sex comedy, Kelly is surprisingly watchable and not the worst actress (her unclothed figure is also quite appealing); her limited though good-natured performance saves the film from being entirely disappointing. When she’s not in the frame, however, it’s all rather pointless.

– Mike Massie

  • 3/10