Cheech and Chong’s Next Movie Explained
Cheech and Chong’s Next Movie Explained

Cheech and Chong’s Next Movie offers viewers another dose of the duo’s unique brand of stoner comedy. It’s an excellent follow-up to their previous film, Up in Smoke, but it has a different storyline.

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The feature is an ideal giggle fest for vegetating in front of the screen after enjoying fresh buds harvested from Kush strains for homegrown. Alternatively, catch Cheech and Chong on Netflix if you want to get your funny bone tickled after a long day.

The movie features slapstick humor that leaves you roaring with laughter within the first few minutes. Are you ready to discover more about this 420 classic film?

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Next synopsis

Cheech and Chong are in a league of their own regarding movies about stoners. The opening scene of this film shows the pair siphoning gas from a pickup truck into a trash can. Their clumsy demeanor makes this criminal task comedic.

They awkwardly fill the tank of their neighbor’s “borrowed” car before rushing to get Cheech to work. In the backseat, Chong rolls and lights up a blunt, but the smoke session goes awry.

Before Cheech begins his job at the movie studio, he changes his clothes, accidentally misdirecting an actor to smash the wrong wall. Meanwhile, Chong goes home and parks their uptight neighbor’s car before lighting up another smoke and blaring loud music from his guitar.

The stoner’s actions annoy the fellow next door, who desperately wants somebody to help him get rid of them. The duo goes for a ride when Cheech gets home with the company van. They park it outside, where it gets stolen, resulting in Cheech getting fired.

Despite this, the two remain in good spirits and visit the welfare office, where they manage to get into more trouble. Cheech arranges a date with his girlfriend and sends Chong to hang out with his cousin, Red. This moment is where things get trippy.

Chong and Red embark on a series of urban misadventures. They start off causing a commotion at Red’s hotel before visiting a brothel, Sunset Boulevard, and an expensive house.

Red and Chong end up at a comedy club and cause a rally fight. Later the pair take a trip to Red’s weed field in the countryside, where they experience an alien encounter. This turn of events allows Chong to discover a new potent intoxicant which he shows Cheech.


Silly stoner moments

This 420 classic is hilarious. Below are some of the best Cheech and Chong scenes from the movie.

Joint explosion: Most people know that gas and fire aren’t a safe combination. Despite this, the stoner duo manages to cause an explosion in their neighbor’s vehicle when Chong lights up a joint.

Soapy scene: In one hilarious moment, Chong tricks Cheech into snorting soap while driving. Desperate for relief, he takes a sip of urine meant for Chong’s probation officer. Soon foamy bubbles form in his mouth, and he spits it out of the window. All the while, a chuckling Chong reminds him to watch the road.

Prediction about cannabis legalization: When Cheech suggests that Chong get a job, he responds with an accurate prediction about weed laws changing. He claims that one day when the herb is legal, he’ll have a headstart in the business. Today, there are budding opportunities in the cannabis industry, and the market is worth billions.

A bag of green: When Chong helps Red get his luggage, one of the bags contains 20 lbs of marijuana. Red doesn’t know the value, and the two decide to celebrate their newfound wealth when Chong fills him in.

Music store mayhem: Chong and Red enter a music store while smoking a blunt. The pair grab a couple of guitars and cause a ruckus that mortifies the other patrons. Chong only stops playing when an amplifier explodes.

Songwriting: After Cheech loses his job, he and Chong try making music together. In a short time, they compose two songs with strange lyrics. The first is a tongue-in-cheek offensive protest song called “Mexican-Americans.” The second is a rock song entitled “Beaners” which contains no other lyrics.

A toke of roach: While most stoners call the edge of a blunt a roach, Chong takes the term literally and smokes an insect. After pouring the bug out of a jar, he plays with it for several moments before crushing it with his fist and putting it in his pipe. He takes a couple of tokes which hit hard as he coughs up a cloud of smoke.


Next, in a nutshell

When it comes to movies about weed, this film is one of the top picks. Every scene contains hilarious antics and silly sayings that keep you laughing.

Cheech and Chong’s Next Movie is a cult classic and a must-see for all weed lovers. Why not check it out the next time you’re looking to pair a 420 session with a film?