Cinephiles and Your Keepsakes: Best Ways to Feature Your Film Memorabilia
Cinephiles and Your Keepsakes: Best Ways to Feature Your Film Memorabilia

For real die-hard movie fans, it is completely normal to cherish favorite movies and characters by tracking down keepsakes and other forms of memorabilia. In some cases, certain collectibles from movies like Star Wars can go for around $27,000. So if you happen to get your hands on film merchandise or props, it is always important to put thought toward how best to display them in your home. In that vein, what display options work best?


Frame It


One of the more common forms of movie keepsakes is movie posters. There have been numerous discussions over the purported dreadful quality of recent movie posters but they are still good collectibles. Beyond movie posters, you can also frame a photo collage of your favorite movie moments. If you’ve gone to midnight releases or conventions and come away with a goodie bag, you can frame that bag, too. You can also add the ticket, wristband, or badge that you used on the day you got it. They’re easy to store and make great wall art if you frame it properly. They also make catchy centerpieces for different areas of your home.


Get Some Display Cases


If your movie keepsakes go beyond posters and dive into actual movie props or figures, you’ll want to make sure they’ll be safe as you display them. A good option for that is to put them in display cases—popular forms being acrylic and glass. Not only will it keep your collectibles safe but it keeps them organized; and there are multiple other benefits to getting a display case. You can put them in areas in your home where you entertain so your guests will be sure to see them in their full glory.


Use Them Around the Home


Who says that your movie keepsakes simply need to function as a decorative piece? You can fully embrace your collection by employing them around your home as functional pieces. For example, if you’ve got a home office, you can turn your movie prop into a good paperweight. If you’ve got mugs that hail from movie releases, you can use them to hold pens, jewelry, and many other things.

Whichever way you decide to display your film memorabilia, make sure that the items are secure. It would make very little sense to go through the effort of obtaining collections only to damage them as you try to exhibit them in your home. Proper storage and thoughtful presentation ensure that you’ll be able to enjoy and safeguard your collection for years to come.