Every Golden Globes “Best Motion Picture – Drama” Winner Reviewed!

Since 1944 (honoring the films of 1943), the Hollywood Foreign Press Association (HFPA), an organization of international entertainment industry journalists, has given out awards for excellence in film and television. Movie accolades stand at around 16 winners each year, though there were far fewer for the first several presentations, especially before the drama and comedy categories were split up. Notable in Hollywood but with considerably less clout than the Oscars, HFPA’s honorees are still of some importance and significance, often building momentum leading up to the Academy Awards.

Their prize is, of course, a statuette of a globe encircled by a film strip, awash in gold, hence the name “Golden Globe,” which has generally become the recognizable name for the ceremony and presentation, often allowing moviegoers and viewers of the televised show to forget who is actually behind the judging (a group comprised of photographers and reporters for non-U.S. markets). This overlooked composition led, famously, to the Los Angeles Times revealing in 2021 that none of the HFPA members were black – a worthwhile controversy that built upon previous, compelling revelations from the ‘90s that lax membership requirements meant that many non-journalists, part-time freelance writers, and even industry outsiders (like a college professor) took up spots on the limited roster (itself meaning that results could be more easily manipulated with its under-100-person membership). Reforms and boycotts eventually forced HFPA to dissolve in 2023, with the televised show to continue under new structuring and ownership, but with an intention to keep up with charitable work.

Regardless of the cultural impact or the sincerity of the selections, The Massie Twins have gone back and thoroughly reviewed every single winner of the main award, Best Motion Picture – Drama, to see how they lined up with the Oscars, as well as to keep track of this recognition that is still arguably the second-biggest in the industry. Click the images to read the Golden Globes winners!

2023: Oppenheimer

2022: The Fabelmans

2021: The Power of the Dog

2020: Nomadland

2019: 1917

2018: Bohemian Rhapsody

2017: Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri

2016: Moonlight

2015: The Revenant

2014: Boyhood

2013: 12 Years a Slave

2012: Argo

2011: The Descendants

2010: The Social Network

2009: Avatar

2008: Slumdog Millionaire

2007: Atonement

2006: Babel

2005: Brokeback Mountain

2004: The Aviator