Fyre: The Greatest Party that Never Happened
Fyre: The Greatest Party that Never Happened

A Netflix original, Fyre brings to light the horrors of the 21st century with an investigation on the unfortunate events that led to the debacle of the Fyre Festival in 2017.


Fyre Music Festival


Conceptualized and executed by Billy McFarland, an American, the Fyre Music Festival was a con event that robbed people of about $28 million through ticket sales and marketing promotions and other associated events. Scheduled for 2 weekends in 2017, the tickets for this events were sold from $500-$1,500. This festival scam was aimed at conning the millennials, however it went beyond being just a horrible experience and ended up affecting the local workforce in Bahamas, most of whom didn’t get paid for their work at all.


An Explosive Documentary


Directed by Chris Smith and rated 7.2 on IMDB and at 92% by Rotten Tomatoes, the biopic tries to unravel a slick and remarkable scheme planned by Billy McFarland, to sell a music festival on social media. A brilliant documentary that covers the cultural controversy, Fyre is an eye-opener.

The story behind the Fyre Festival as portrayed in the popular Netflix biopic presents a typical account of excessive pride and arrogance going viral then. With Billy McFarland recruiting supermodels to convince the cool kids to shell out money for a dream holiday with them in the Bahamas, behind the scenes reveal the elaborate promotions stripping the event off completely.

Loaded youngsters who doled out big bucks to enjoy rock bands like Blink-182 while gorging on sushi shared their disbelief and disappointment live on social media. The film shows reels of models like Hailey Baldwin, Emily Ratajkowski and Bella Hadid publicizing the festival using the charm of boats and bikini oomph to tempt investors and audience, and the smartphone recordings of shocked attendees, all weaved together cleverly by Chris Smith.



This high profile fiasco brings to light the internet culture and highlighted the noxiousness of social media for the world to see. From soaked mattresses, to scenes of destroyed tents, and millennials walking around with their roller bags looking flabbergasted and desiccated, the so-called extravagant music festival seemed like ‘serves you right’ and ‘in your face’ experience for people who got lured by gorgeous faces, FOMO frenzy and Instagram influencers.

The insider interviews are the real masterpiece, where software engineers, social marketers and event organizers who worked for McFarland went overboard and supported his trickery. The shocking conversations depict the corruption and criminal mind set of the young professionals the business world looks up to! The troubling yet absolutely hilarious and riveting documentary presents a little more than just the con element of the event and reveals a more sinister, and shocking effect on the lives of many others.

McFarland leaves behind hundreds of people conned and distressed, and a huge load of unpaid debt in his forgery, and was ultimately sentenced to Federal Prison for 6 years. The ultimate rip-off that fueled the Instagram dream never happened and instead of the promised pools of champagne, luxury stay and live concerts, attendees were saddled with empty beaches, FEMA tents and logistical crisis.