Gone Girl Movie Review
Gone Girl Movie Review

Guess what movie is worth watching? ‘Gone Girl’ of course, what else? A fantastic thriller that goes well with the standards of David Fincher, the Director. I mean, who can forget the classic Fight Club and The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.

A Must Watch For Sure

Psychological thrillers were always the thing for David Fincher movies, and we have to say that ‘Gone Girl’ does equal justice to the genre as well. The essential psychological signs and the implications of the movie make it a fantastic thriller for the audience to watch. And like most of his films, this one too manages to portray a large string of events connected with the line of a story. From revenge to disinterested marriages and from obsession to murder, you will find everything in ‘Gone Girl’.

Kudos to the Author

Created and written as a book by the famous author Gillian Flynn, ‘Gone Girl’ managed to attract fans with its fantastic script and exciting storyline and the thrilling dialogues that would make you fall in love with the insanity of the characters. With various celebrations for the text going on, this masterpiece of a book very soon turned into a feature film that portrays all the characters in a slow-beating style, providing full-on justice to the work of Fincher.

About the Movie

The basic plot of the ‘Gone Girl’ book and the movie is the same. Centered around the lives of a suburban house couple, Nick, played by Ben Affleck, and Amy, played by Rosamund Pike, and their failing marriage that is at the end, the movie captures the essence of the story when the wife disappears one day. The fantastic use of the media circus that gathers over the disappearance of Amy is a great added touch to capture the storyline of the movie.

The couple, who were madly in love with each other portray as the actual victims of a failing marriage due to specific problems related to money and lack of respect. The couple is destined for more and more issues that throw to them, but what gets us confused is that we don’t know who the bad guy in the movie is. In this ensuing battle of the spouses, you are yet to see the veils of mystery drop and reveal a masterpiece of a psychological thriller.

The Movie Compared to the Book

With the fantastic transformation of the best-selling novel into a full-fledged feature film, there will undoubtedly be a string of readers who are not exactly familiar with the whole storyline of the couple Amy and Nick, but the film surely handles all the critical plotlines efficiently and manages to convey the story to the audience. With the help of flashbacks for the character of Ben Affleck’s character, the movie manages to decipher all the backstory that otherwise mentioned in the book in detail.

And that brings us to the fantastic casting of the movie. With David Fincher’s cast, you will see that the impeccable and flawless team provides the much-needed justice to the script. Rosamund Pike shines as the mysterious and often-quiet but equally vicious Amy, who wins all the awards for her fantastic portrayal of a lover gone mad with an obsession over her husband’s infidelity. The story is narrated by both the characters at different points of the film but what gets confusing is that we don’t know which one to rely on it.
For a high dose of mystery, suspense, and thrilling storylines, one should choose ‘Gone Girl’ as the show.

Wanna Know More About The Story?

‘Gone Girl’ very carefully manages to punctuate the whole ruse that the media has over every single person in the world, by deliberately manipulating all the delusional viewers about the storyline of the movie. This particular point proves by another character Ellen Abbot that (Missi Pyle) who portrays the TV show presenter in the film. She brings the very famous lawyer Tanner Bolt, played by Tyler Perry into the limelight by prodding him to be the lawyer for Nick Dunne’s case.

The character of Perry, although not titular at first, turns out to become a vital side character that plays the role of a law-coach for Nick Dunne during the whole period of Amy’s disappearance. It is due to Tanner Bolt that the initially disliked Nick Dune becomes publicly likable again. It is not seen in the movie whether Tanner Bolt is genuine in the efforts to make Nick a famous name or he is just using the media firestorm created here to forge success in his career. All in all, with a genius performance, Tyler Perry takes a significant part of the movie for himself.

Another critical and nominal character in the movie would say that of Desi Collings, the former lover, who albeit is a bit creepy. Another fantastic performance by the very great Neil Patrick Harris, we see him adjust into the creepy persona of Desi as he sets fire to the events that have been going on since the disappearance of Amy. And the rest of the show is all set by Margo, the distressed twin sister of Nick, who is an occasional drinking buddy to Nick and his emotional support as well. A character of a sister who is aware of the game his brother’s wife is playing but is unable to protect him from it is well-played by Carrie Coon.

Final Verdict

The entire movie creates a particular type of subjective and confusing atmosphere that doesn’t tell us where correctly to point our fingers. With subtle hints of misogyny and infidelity hidden in between the subtexts are just the perfect way to capture the attention of the audience. What works for the film is that it has director David Fincher to back it up. With a stellar star-cast, this movie is something that is a must watch.

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