Interview: Danny Trejo from “Machete Kills”
Interview: Danny Trejo from “Machete Kills”

The Massie Twins recently had the opportunity to sit down with star Danny Trejo to discuss his role in Robert Rodriguez’ “Machete Kills,” opening in theaters October 11th, 2013.

The Massie Twins: We write for – we are the twins.

Danny Trejo: I just worked with twins – Robert’s nieces [Electra and Elise Avellan, the “Crazy Babysitter Twins” from “Planet Terror”]. They were great!

MT: Let me jump right in and ask what is it like to have your own action figure?

DT: (laughs) It’s kinda cool!

MT: Do you own a copy?

DT: Yeah, I’ve got one up on the mantle.

MT: Did you take it out of the box?

DT: No. I’ve signed a bunch. Right when they first came out, they sold out.

MT: When you first appeared as Machete in the mock trailer in “Grindhouse,” did you have any idea that it would become so popular and that you’d end up making a movie out of it?

DT: The first time we talked about Machete was 20 years ago when we were doing “Desperado.” [Robert Rodriguez] saw me and my character and said, “Danny, I’ve got the perfect role for you – and it’s the leading role.” I wasn’t used to seeing a guy like me as the leading man. But he kind of changed that. Robert Rodriguez really told Hollywood that a leading man is anyone who can carry a movie. And I’ve been blessed. We used Machete in “Spy Kids” and when we did the fake trailer, when we came out of the theater, audiences ran us down and said we had to make the movie. So that’s where that came from. We thought we’d be done with it after the trailer, but everyone loved the movie.

MT: Was working with all the gorgeous women in “Machete Kills” reminiscent of working with Andy Sidaris?

DT: (laughs) Wow! You’re going way back! That was “Guns.” He was cool. Andy is so funny. He would say things you can’t say anymore. He would say, “Bring in the meat! Bring in the candy!” – talking about the women. Me and Erik Estrada – we loved Hawaii. We were in Molokai, which is a leper colony. It was extraordinary and there were like three Playboy Bunnies there.

MT: I know Dona Speir was one of them. [The other two were Roberta Vasquez and Cynthia Brimhall.]

DT: Yeah, yeah! Amber Heard is such a beautiful woman. And the little girl from “Spy Kids” – Alexa Vega. Watch out, she’s no longer a little girl. She had to beg Robert Rodriguez to let her in this movie. “Alexa, it’s an adult movie!” [said Robert]. “Robert, I’m 25!” [she replied]. We still see her as 11 years old.

MT: We’re going to Universal Studios’ Halloween Horror Nights this weekend. Can you tell us about your involvement with one of the mazes?

DT: They called us. My agent said, “He knows who El Cucuy is.” Here’s parenting rule #47: Scare your kids to death. “If you don’t behave, I’m putting you outside with El Cucuy!” My kids knew who El Cucuy was, growing up. When [Universal Studios] asked, my agent said, “Yeah, I think he’ll like that.” So I’m the voice of El Cucuy – and it was a lot of fun. I took my kids to the show and they loved it.

MT: Tell us about “The Muppets” sequel. Are you the same character that was cut from the teaser trailer for the original?

DT: That’s coming out in March. That’s me and Ray Liotta in a musical. I’m a different character – we’re in a Russian gulag (a Russian prison). What happens is a prisoner escapes and he looks just like Kermit. So they catch Kermit and throw him in prison. I think! I don’t know!


– The Massie Twins (9/30/13)