Interview: Madison Pettis from “The Game Plan”
Interview: Madison Pettis from “The Game Plan”

The Massie Twins recently got to sit down with actress Madison Pettis to talk about her new film “The Game Plan,” opening wide on September 28th, 2007.


The Massie Twins: How do you like touring for The Game Plan?

Madison Pettis: This is our first stop for the press tour. Tonight we go to Salt Lake City. It’s fun to get to go to all of these cool new places. I’ve never been anywhere but Dallas, which is my hometown.

MT: Are you a football fan?

MP: I’m not really a football fan – my daddy is – but it was cool when I did the movie because I get to dress up in the pads and be one of the guys – Grrrrrrrrrr (imitating “the guys”). The guys called me a mini-them.

MT: What’s your favorite part about working with The Rock?

MP: He was just like a daddy to me. He always called me “honey.” We got to talk about our favorite music (he likes Elvis and country music) and we talked about our favorite snack foods. On the first day he got Dunkin’ Donuts for me because that’s his favorite snack and he put them in my trailer. On the box he wrote “Let’s have an awesome day today, honey!”

MT: What was the hardest part about making the film?

MP: The hardest scene to film was the scene where I had to eat the pumpkin pie. In real life I’m allergic to a lot of desserts. The props department had to find something I wasn’t allergic to. What they found was a vegan pumpkin pie topped with soy whipped cream. Eewwwwwww! Peyton was supposed to love the desert in the film – we did that scene like 35 times. It was the longest scene we filmed. It was so nasty. It was like watery Play-Doh.

MT: Do you prefer dancing or acting?

MP: I love both. I’ve been dancing for five years and acting for three. I just love both equally. Not only was this my first movie, this was the very first movie I ever auditioned for. I still can’t really believe I got it – and to get to dance and act all at the same time.

MT: What was your favorite scene to film?

MP: My favorite scene to film was the ballet. I made friends with all of the Boston Ballet dancers. They were incredible. We even had a slumber party – we stayed up all night playing “Dance Dance Revolution” and giving each other makeovers.

MT: Do you like acting in TV or movies more?

MP: I can’t choose between two things that I love! They’re both very different. With movies you have one director the entire time you’re filming. You have a trailer so you can move it to different locations. With TV you have a different director for every episode and a dressing room, because you’re on the same soundstage every day. I like both.

MT: Who are your role models?

MP: I like Miley Cyrus. I got to guest star on her TV show Hanna Montana which was fun. I really like Jennifer López because she sings, has a fashion line, dances and acts.

MT: Do you like animals? Did you enjoy working with Tubbs (Spike) the dog?

MP: I had a fish called Mr. Strawberry, a beta. He lived for a year but died and we had a cross made out of Popsicle sticks in my backyard. I’ve never had a dog before and was afraid of dogs before I did the movie – but the dog trainer showed me how to be comfortable with the dog and pet him, and communicate with hand signals. Now I love dogs and I ask my mommy for a puppy every day.