Interview: The Wiggies from “Standing Ovation”
Interview: The Wiggies from “Standing Ovation”

The Massie Twins recently had the opportunity to speak with the stars of the upcoming Kenilworth Films production “Standing Ovation,” opening July 16th, 2010. Jeana Zettler, Erika Corvette, London Clark, Ashley Cutrona, and Devon Jordan star as the Wiggies, the conniving rivals for the “The 5 Ovations” band.


The Massie Twins: How is the tour going? Are you traveling across the US promoting the film?

Devon Jordan: It’s been so much fun! I’m on a bus with my best friends all day long. It’s amazing.

MT: So has it been a moviemaking experience for you guys, or has it felt like more of an opportunity to hang out?

London Clark: From filming the movie to doing the press tour we’ve all been a family and we love each other, but there’s definitely some hard work involved.

MT: Can each of you give me a quick intro into your character?

Ashley Cutrona: I’ll go first – I play Zita Wiggs and she is the semi-older sister and she lives in the limelight of Zoe, the oldest sister and she just really wants to live up to expectations and make her sister proud.

Devon Jordan: I play Twiggy and she is the baby of the family and she’s one of the nicest of the group. Sometimes she wants to be bad, but she has a romantic relationship with one of the Ovation’s brothers which complicates things.

Erika Corvette: I play Angel Wiggs and she is one of the younger sisters and just wants to be like her older sisters. She’s snobby and none of us are afraid to say we’re better than everyone else.

London Clark: I play Ziggy Wiggs and I’m exactly like the other Wiggies. My main goal in life is to make the 5 Ovations’ lives miserable. That’s pretty much all of our goals in the movie. We’re very stuck-up and focus on trying to win the competition even if we have to do it the wrong way.

Jeana Zettler: I play Zoe Wiggs and I’m the oldest sister. We work together to sabotage everyone else so we can be the best. We’re all equally mean, except for Devon’s character. We’re willing to do whatever it takes to be the best and it definitely shows throughout the movie.

MT: Are your characters inherently evil or is this something influenced by the parents?

Ashley Cutrona: I think a lot of it is the fault of Mr. and Mrs. Wiggs. They have an evil edge to them as well.

MT: So what is it like to be the bad guys? Is it more fun than being the good guys?

Jeana Zettler: It is fun, but all of us are such nice people that it’s good to explore that side and be able to play these characters.

Erika Corvette: I love it!

London Clark: It’s more of the comedic role, so I love it.

MT: Did you associate well with these characters, or is it a stretch to be mean?

Jeana Zettler: We’re all such down-to-earth girls and we just like to have fun. I don’t think we’re anything like our characters at all.

MT: How did each of you get started in acting, and is it something you always wanted to do?

Ashley Cutrona: I got started with bit parts. When I was two years old I started dancing and there was a musical theater class and I always got the parts. I remember when I was in first grade I told my mom I wanted to be famous. And she’s always helped me get to where I want to go, so I owe so much to her. I owe a lot to the musical director of the film – I’ve been singing with him for five or six years now. He’s helped me come out of my shell when it comes to performing and auditioning.

Devon Jordan: I got started acting first, when I was a really little kid – I was about five years old I think. My sister came home one day and said that her friend got an agent in Pennsylvania (at some really small agency) and I remember begging my mom to get one for me. She said we’d give it a shot and I just had so many supportive people in my life.

Erika Corvette: I got started acting when I was about four years old. My mom used to write plays and I used to always act in them. For as long as I can remember I’ve wanted to be an actor, singer and dancer. When I was really young, I couldn’t sing at all – I was like tone deaf, so my mom kept telling me to just stay in school (laughs), but I worked really hard at it and started taking lessons and now I’m living my dream. It’s amazing.

London Clark: My story is the same as the rest of the girls – I started dancing when I was really young, at two years old, I was in my first play at the age of five ( I played Tiny Tim in A Christmas Carol) and I’ve just been constantly training, taking acting classes and singing lessons since I was five. We’ve all worked so hard to achieve our dreams and now it’s coming true.

Jeana Zettler: Probably the same as everyone else, I started dancing when I was really little. I was always scared of going to dance classes, but a friend told me it would be okay and that I wouldn’t miss my mom (laughs), so I started taking classes and absolutely loved it. My teacher told me I could actually sing, so my mom sent me to voice lessons and I realized I liked to act too, so I did plays in my county. I acted in high school and kept up dancing, and now I love it so much I could never see myself not singing, acting and dancing. We’re all achieving our dreams through hard work.

MT: Tell me about the preparation and training specifically for this film – how many hours did you have to practice?

Jeana Zettler: We put in so many hours before filming even started. We had weeks upon weeks of preparation, rehearsing every day with our choreographer. We also worked hard at bonding and creating a family and team. We got along so well it made the filming process more effective and productive.

MT: Did you guys watch any movies to get into character? Mean Girls perhaps?

London Clark: Yes! We watched that every night (laughs).

Ashley Cutrona: That’s like our favorite movie – we watch it all the time and know every single line. It definitely helped us get into character.

London Clark: I think the hard part is finding the vulnerability in the characters, especially in the evil ones. That’s something we studied closely.

MT: What was it like on the set with so many people? Was it a little chaotic or was it perfectly organized?

Jeana Zettler: On set was amazing. Everything went so fast. Obviously you have to go through different takes, but we all had so much fun. It was definitely an amazing experience because it brought us so much closer and the five of us were always having so much fun. At the end of every scene, we were always laughing about something.

Erika Corvette: The 5 Ovations were really professional and at such a young age. We loved hanging out with them too.

MT: What were your favorite aspects of filming?

Ashley Cutrona: My favorite part was actually hair and makeup. But I loved the scene on the boardwalk, which is where I signed my first autograph.

Jeana Zettler: My favorite part was working as a team. Stewart Raffill was so flexible and always had brilliant ideas and always asked us if we had ideas. That was really awesome. It made us feel like we were more than just actors. My favorite scene is the finale where everyone dances together to “Turn It Up”. It was really amazing to see everyone in the cast appear in that scene. It was our last day of filming and was a really great experience.

Erika Corvette: My favorite part was all the big dance numbers. We all worked so hard in rehearsals to make everything perfect; it was great being onstage and having all the cameras around us. My dream is to be a big movie star and it feels like that on stage and feels real.

London Clark: I have so many different favorite parts. From an acting aspect, it’s just so much fun for all of us to be so comedic. Devon gets a frog in her hat in the middle of a restaurant and has an absolute meltdown – things like that were so much fun to film. At the end of the movie Jeana has a tantrum, gets on the floor, banging her fists – it’s so much fun to see the Wiggies acting like that.

Devon Jordan: My favorite aspect was being a part of a team. I loved hanging out with them every day. It’s a dream come true.

MT: Was there room for improvisation or perhaps a few pranks on the set?

Ashley Cutrona: (laughs) As far as improv goes, the master is Devon. She’s naturally hilarious – in the scene with the frog in her hat, the script just said for her to freak out. Every take was different and everything she said was hilarious. She’d say “Call animal control!” or “Call 911!”  and each time she’d say something fresh and new. She’s really good at that stuff.

Devon Jordan: Thank you! The director just said that day that we’d have a frog jump into my hat and told me to just go with it. So I had a lot of fun with it.

MT: Have you seen the film with an audience yet?

Ashley Cutrona: We saw the film with an audience in L.A., but it was just us and our families and friends. We’re really excited for the premiere and to see other people’s reactions.

MT: Do you guys use the internet for feedback and the latest buzz on your films and work?

Jeanna Zettler: We’re on Facebook and Twitter like every day, trying to interact with everyone and promote the movie. We’ve been getting so many fans every day, posting comments, and we always write them back.

London Clark: It’s really exciting because in the past two days we got like 2000 more fans and I think we’re up to 20,000.

MT: So who’s the best Wiggie?

Erika Corvette: (laughs) There’s no such thing. We’re all the best Wiggie!

MT: Last question: After making this film, do any of you have a newfound appreciation for wigs?

Ashley Cutrona: (laughs) The way our hair is done, with a braid all the way around the top and then three braids down the back, it takes each Wiggie 45 minutes to get our hair done. So if we have an early call, we’ll just leave the braids in and throw on a wig that looks like our regular hair. Wigs were a part of our everyday life. We don’t even realize they’re there anymore!