Interview: Zach Cregger, Trevor Moore, and Sara Jean Underwood from “Miss March”
Interview: Zach Cregger, Trevor Moore, and Sara Jean Underwood from “Miss March”

The Massie Twins recently got a chance to sit down with the writers/directors/stars of the upcoming Fox Atomic film “Miss March” – Zach Cregger and Trevor Moore. Joining them was 2007’s Playboy Playmate of the Year, Sara Jean Underwood.

The Massie Twins: Have you guys seen the finished film with an audience yet?

Trevor Moore: Yes.

MT: Have you had to field any weird questions at those screenings?

TM: Last night there was a very weird question. A guy asked if we’d ever thought about doing a comedy movie that explained the economic crisis.

Zach Cregger: The dude was serious!

MT: So did something bad happen to you guys during your childhood that involved firefighters?

TM: No. The thing about that was after 9/11, and rightfully so, firemen became these untouchable heroes. Everything was being dedicated to them. So when we were writing we thought, “Wouldn’t it be funny if they were the bad guys?” They’re our movie’s stormtroopers.

MT: So how does one go about filming in the Playboy Mansion?

ZC: You have lawyers talk to Playboy and their lawyers talk to you, arrange a deal and iron out a date. We shot the movie originally without Playboy’s involvement, and cast Robert Wagner as Hugh and we shot at some other mansions. When we tested the movie it was great except when we revealed Hef at the end – everyone was like “What!” since people know what he looks like. So we showed it to Playboy and Hef – and he liked it and agreed to be in it.

MT (to Sara): Did you get to hang out on set for more than the scenes you were in?

Sara Jean Underwood: They were only there for one day, but I’m getting more than enough time with them traveling all over the place.

TM: We shot four different mansions to make it look like “The Mansion.” When people come into money they usually want to copy the Playboy Mansion, and build their own grottos and entryways. We went around and found places that looked similar.

MT: But the scenes with Hef were actually in the Playboy Mansion?

TM: Yeah – that was his chair, his robe…

MT: The way the Mansion is portrayed in the film, with parties nonstop – is that what it’s really like there?

ZC: She lived there for two years (pointing to Sara).

SJU: Definitely. It’s exactly the way the parties are, except for more nudity.

MT: How did you guys decide who would be the straight man and who would be the funny man?

ZC: I think that came naturally. There wasn’t really a debate about that – it’s just the way we work together.

MT (to Sara): Were you familiar with their work before being in this film?

SJU: I wasn’t before, but I really am a fan now.

MT (to Trevor and Zach): She has to say that.

SJU: I did a little research on them beforehand and they’ve been doing a comedy sketch … kit –

ZC: Sketch kit? I like that.

SJU: (Laughs) Whatever.

TM: Big fan, big fan. She doesn’t even know what we do. (Laughs)

SJU: I don’t usually get any questions! Anyway, they are so funny. They’re brilliant, brilliant guys. Seriously.

ZC: I’m liking this interview.

SJU: I say that stuff when you guys aren’t around.

ZC and TM: (Laughs)

MT: How about the line of decency and the MPAA?

TM: The MPAA thing is really interesting because we were doing a screening, I think in Chicago, and someone asked how we got away with all this stuff in the movie. In one scene this girl spits semen out of her mouth – I was like, “oh yeah, how did we get away with that?” But they didn’t say anything. So maybe this movie was one of those rubber stamp things where they just say “whatever.”

ZC: Or maybe they REALLY analyzed the movie and realized it couldn’t be real semen because Horsedick doesn’t have a dick. “That’s gotta be phony semen – I’ll allow it!”

TM: The edit we turned in is the one that’s going to the screen – they didn’t change anything.

MT: What was the inspiration for the Horsedick.MPEG name?

TM: That was just a name that we thought – “how’s this for a rapper name?” – And that was basically the whole character.

ZC: The name wrote the character.

MT: Did you have Craig Robinson in mind?

ZC: Actually we wrote it with Dave Chappelle in mind.

TM: Delusions of grandeur.

ZC: And we sent him a script and taped a $20 bill to it. We wrote: This is your advance. Come do our movie. That motherfucker owes us 20 bucks!

MT: What aspect of your characters do you most closely relate to in real life? Are you guys anything like your characters in real life?

ZC: I’m somewhat like that I guess.

TM: I think I tend to get hyper like Tucker.

MT (to Sara): How about you?

SJU: (Laughs) I’m just like that. When we were doing our scene –

ZC: – He just talks about your boobs the whole time –

SJU: – No! I didn’t shoot the scene where the dog gets thrown and he was like “Yeah, it was a real dog we threw.” And I was like “What?!” And he said they used a test dog that weighed the same and was trained, but the first time it hit a branch and tumbled over the balcony. Oh my god!

TM: And that conversation happened while they were getting ready to roll.

MT: How do you guys handle both acting and directing?

ZC: It’s kinda just what we do. We’ve been doing this for nine years together, from stage to television to film, so it’s the natural dynamic we have. Basically we know how everything is going to go because we write it together. We always try to get two takes that are good – that’s a good safety.

TM: If he’s on camera, I’m on monitor watching and vice versa. We keep each other in check that way.

ZC: And if we’re both on it’s an awkward “Cut!” where we both run to the monitor and run back, which probably annoys the AD, but fuck him. He can’t say anything to us.

MT: After making this movie, do you have any newfound respect for epilepsy or people born without genitals?

ZC: No. (Laughs)

TM: I think it doesn’t offend people with epilepsy. People without genitals… whatever.

ZC: I hope it does. That means girls.

TM: Girls have genitals.

SJU: Yeah!

ZC: Oh yeah. Never mind. My mom wouldn’t let me see the videos in health class.

SJU: Are you serious?

ZC: I had to sit out in the hall. That’s why I think girls don’t have genitals.

TM: That’s sad.

ZC: I just really embarrassed myself. Give me that tape recorder. (Laughs)

MT: Well that’s a juicy bit of information.

ZC: I meant dicks! Girls don’t have dicks!

MT: We’ve got another question for Sara. Tell us something we don’t know about Zach and Trevor.

SJU: Hmmm.

MT: And it’s got to be as juicy as his tidbit on not being able to go to Sex Ed.

SJU: Well … let’s see.

ZC: Careful.

SJU: Trevor is newly engaged. That’s pretty exciting.

ZC: That’s like the anti-exciting.

SJU: And … and … Zach is gay.

ZC: (Laughs) Thank you Sara. This interview is just great.

MT: (Laughs) OK, well then can each of you tell us something we don’t know about Sara?

TM: Yes …

ZC: She’s got a dick. Sara’s got a big cock!

TM: She eats like five foot-long Subway sandwiches each day. She’s pretty obsessed with Subway sandwiches and would like to be a spokesperson for them.

MT: Is there any special significance to the month of March?

TM: No. That’s when the movie’s coming out. It was called Miss February when we thought the movie was coming out in February. Originally it was going to be called Playboys. When Playboy got involved, they wanted us to switch the title because there’s a Hugh Hefner biopic in the works that’s going to be called Playboy. I think Vin Diesel’s going to be in it.

MT: (Laughs) Well it looks like we’re out of time. Can we take a picture with you guys?

TM: Of course!

MT: We don’t normally dress like this. It was just for the hopes of getting a photo with you guys.

ZC: (Laughs) I was wondering about that. I want a picture too!