A Look Back at Halloween II (1981)
A Look Back at Halloween II (1981)

Score 5/10

Genre: Horror Running Time: 1 hr. 42 min.

Release Date: October 30th, 1981 MPAA Rating: R Director: Rick Rosenthal Actors: Jamie Lee Curtis, Donald Pleasence, Charles Cyphers


When you’re making a sequel to a hugely successful film, there is always a risk that it might not go over well with fans. After all, the original Halloween was among the most popular horror films of all time; a scary tale of a serial killer’s headcount through a small Illinois town on Halloween. The movie not only launched numerous sequels but also countless films that were inspired by the 1978 classic. Each of these imitations was worse than the last until the scene with the antagonist slashing a victim’s throat became more commonplace than a kissing scene in a rom-com.


Poor imitation


While, for all intents and purposes, Halloween II is a sequel, it doesn’t even try to match the greatness of the original. It instead attempts to outdo all of the rip-offs that came before it. While the movie lacks the original’s imagination and artistry, with regards to the story itself, it’s not that different from the first. The main difference is that, this time, it’s without the understanding of genre, exquisite timing, or filmmaking craft.

The original Halloween not only started a bevy of unofficial remakes in the ‘70s and ‘80s, the film itself has become widespread in popular culture. It’s hard to find a Halloween costume party without someone dressing up as Michael. Fans have been hungry for more stories, too. There have been a number of novels, including the Kelly O’Rourke-penned trio written in the 1990s. There have also been several video games including Halloween: The Video Game and Halloween slot, the latter available from NoDeposit.ca. The site recognizes the international fan base of the movie, ensuring that it can reach fans from all over the globe through digital currency bitcoin. Bitcoin can be used from anywhere in the world. At least those fans can read the books and play the games rather than have to sit through this unworthy sequel.




The film starts where the original ended, and even uses some of the same footage. The unkillable and mysterious serial killer, Michael Myers, has just tried to claim Jamie Lee Curtis as his latest victim after fleeing from an institution earlier in the day. Of course, psychiatrist Donald Pleasance came to the rescue, firing six close-range bullets at the killer. By the movie’s end, Myers’ body had disappeared. At the start of Halloween II, he’s back doing what he does best: chasing after screaming women.

Photo Credit: Gage Skidmore

The film’s plot relies on all of the characters behaving like idiots for the entire movie. Of course, should anyone apply any semblance of common sense, there would be no problem and no reason for us to continue watching. So Jamie Lee Curtis and co run into traps, allowing themselves to be cornered by the killer. In the original, Ms. Curtis locked herself in a closet. The time, it’s a boiler room. Such a move is never going to be cunning enough to keep a relentless killer like Michael Myers at bay. The movie is equally relentless when it comes to using the worn-out formula of the genre. Create a false alarm, raise a laugh, and then bring on the violence.