Movies that Got Us in a Spin: Making the Most of Cult Status
Movies that Got Us in a Spin: Making the Most of Cult Status

When a movie reaches a certain point, it not only transcends the screen, it transcends the industry as a whole. Often referred to as achieving “cult status”, this phenomenon essentially allows a movie to become a brand and, in turn, to live on forever. But surely people get bored of watching the same movie over and over again? In theory, yes. However, the beauty of a franchise is that it doesn’t just stop at the big screen. A classic case in point is the 1985 hit Teen Wolf. When Michael J Fox was at the peak of his powers, Teen Wolf raked in $33,086,611 at the box office. Sure, the 1987 follow-up Teen Wolf Too was a poor sequel (mainly because Fox wasn’t in it), but the movie struck a chord with people. In fact, it struck so much of a chord that it was turned into a TV show by Jeff Davis. Running from 2011 on MTV, the show won various awards and is now a staple fixture of the famous Comic Con.


Taking a Movie from the Big Screen to the Casino Screen


This example is the just tip of a very large iceberg. In fact, when you broaden your gaze, you’ll start to see that movies can excite audiences far beyond theatres. Perhaps the most interesting example in recent years comes via the slots world. For anyone that’s never been to a casino in Las Vegas or elsewhere, slots are the machines that line almost every wall inside a casino. Filled with symbols and flashing lights, they’re the easiest way for novices to sit down and experience the rush of betting. However, when you enter the online casino world, slots are more like computer games. Because of this, almost every modern video slot has to have a theme. Now, this theme can be one that’s contrived by the development company or it can be inspired by a piece of pop culture. This is where movies come in. From Superman to games featuring Bane from The Dark Knight Rises, there are dozens of movie-themed slots on the market today.

Why is this the case? Well, as we’ve said, when a movie becomes a hit, it turns into a franchise and that means the team of people behind the scenes need new ways to engage fans. For example, if you read this before playing Jurassic World, you’ll notice that this slot’s aim is about more than spinning reels and prizes. Thanks to a licensing deal between Universal Pictures and Microgaming, the game features characters from the movie and embedded video clips. On top of this, themed bonus rounds take you from the Gyrosphere Valley to the Creation Lab. Now, when you compare Jurassic World to this great slot game, you’ll notice that the movie theme hasn’t diminished the underlying product. With Thunderstruck II, you’ll get 243 ways to win, free spin bonuses and a variety of payouts. For seasoned casino players, Thunderstruck II is regarded as an industry classic. Based on this, it’s easy to see why Jurassic World also features 243 ways to win and a myriad of additional features. To put it another way, movie slots need to appeal to both betting fans and movie aficionados.


Franchises Keep the Classics Alive


However, the important thing to note here is that Jurassic World is an example of a game that’s taken the franchise in a new direction. As we’ve said, people won’t watch the same movie over and over again. But, this doesn’t mean they don’t want to engage with the underlying storyline and characters. Games such as Jurassic World are a perfect example of how this is possible and, moreover, how it’s now possible to keep a classic fresh. When it comes down to it, everyone involved in a movie hopes their product will achieve cult status. In today’s world with all its innovations, that’s easier than ever. Of course, even with all the technology in the world, the product still needs to get audiences in a spin before they can become a franchise. Once they do though, the possibilities are almost endless.