Sorority House Massacre II (1992)
Sorority House Massacre II (1992)

Genre: Horror Comedy Running Time: 1 hr. 17 min.

Release Date: August 27th, 1992 MPAA Rating: R

Director: Jim Wynorski Actors: Robyn Harris, Melissa Moore, Stacia Zhivago, Michelle Verran, Dana Bentley, Bridget Carney, Shannon Wilsey, Peter Spellos




lthough it’s a sequel (by name), there’s nothing even remotely related to the first film here – except for the abundance of girls. It clearly only exists for senseless amounts of nudity and laugh-out-loud funny, failed scares. As ridiculous as “Sorority House Massacre II” is, at least director Jim Wynorski (using the pseudonym Arch Stanton) isn’t trying to fool anyone as to what the project is all about (especially considering one of its many alternate titles was “Jim Wynorski’s House of Babes”). Resultantly, it’s a lot more fun. Wynorski brings a sarcastic sense of humor to the whole dimwitted, bloody ordeal, though that can’t prevent the picture from being plagued by flashbacks (just like its predecessor). Once again, the entire film is a flashback, with yet another explanatory flashback sequence to set up the paper-thin story (which further distances itself from the franchise as footage is reused from Roger Corman’s “Slumber Party Massacre” series).

Five well-endowed college girls move into the old Hokstedter house, a foreboding mansion that has been vacant for five years due to a heinous murdering spree rumored to have taken place there. Creepy neighbor Orville Ketchum (Peter Spellos), considered to be “300 pounds of bad news” by the local cops (one of which is Sgt. Shawlee, played by Karen Chorak, a.k.a. Toni Naples), fills the newcomers in on the slaughter, further freaking out Linda (Robyn Harris, a.k.a. Gail Harris), Jessica (Melissa Moore), Kimberly (Stacia Zhivago), Suzanne (Michelle Verran, a.k.a. Barbii), and Janey (Dana Bentley). A few things can be assumed from the fact that most of the cast has several porn star-like monikers, perpetuated later on when an excessive strip club scene features Satana McVixen, played by Shannon Wilsey, a.k.a. Savannah. After the frightened girls carefully shower, slip into see-through nighties, and experiment with a Ouija board, the ruthless massacre begins.

Anyone paying attention to the plot is completely missing the point of this cheesy, mindless, blood-splattering, erotic flick. It may be softcore, but it has a few nice touches. The cinematography is actually hilariously inventive, such as when it cuts between the phrase “he’s harmless” to a shot of Orville hungrily eyeing the sorority house. The camera angles always seem to favor the female form, viewing up from about chest high and in close-up. And every girl unhurriedly changes into lingerie in plain view and, of course, showers before bedtime (somehow their breasts must have gotten really dirty, since they keep rubbing them with soap over and over).

From the campy opening title sequence to the pitifully eerie music by Chuck Cirino, it’s quite evident that no one is taking the “massacre” idea seriously anymore. This isn’t horror – it’s pure comedy. The tagline says it all: “It’s Cleavage vs. Cleavers and the result is Delta Delta Deadly!” As far as sultry-girls-in-lingerie-being-attacked-by-a-maniac films go, “Sorority House Massacre II” is surprisingly high on the list for overall entertainment value. And as the disclaimer at the end of the film proves, it’s all in good fun: “No girls were actually hurt or mistreated during the production of this film.” That might not include self-esteem, however.

– Mike Massie

  • 6/10