Study Film and Eat Like a King
Study Film and Eat Like a King
Photo credit: Chris Murray



First woman: “My son wants to work in film.”

Second woman: “Oh, how terrible! How will he ever manage to buy food to eat?”



Some parents start to panic when the kids suddenly announce that they want to work in film, but what they don’t know is that the film industry is actually thriving. It’s a growing beast of opportunity made up of almost 95,000 small businesses in every state across the U.S. At least, that’s what the Motion Picture Association of America have reassured.

But not everyone wants to work in film, right? Some of us love the industry so much that we simply want to study it. And, why not! There’s nothing forged in stone which says that anyone who comes out of college as a film graduate must then work in the film industry for the rest of his or her life. There’s no deep, dark, ancient prophecy engraved on the outside of a ring for film students.


So, why study film, then?

There are tons of reasons in favor of studying film that go way beyond the very bland objective of wanting to work in the industry when school is out. Studying film can help you understand political history and other events, appreciate the role that art has to play in society, and teach you how to understand people to a much better degree. And with plenty of options to cover your tuition, there’s no reason why you should let a silly thing like finance get in the way of your passion.


Understanding political history

Almost all films, although some more than others, are packed with information about historical events, eras, movements, and people. The more films you watch and the more you study how and why they were made, the more you’ll understand the world you live in. A graduate program in film will open your eyes to the way in which political decisions and historical moments have shaped the way we think and changed our lives forever. In short, if you’d rather not go through life in ignorance, sign up to film school. At the very least, get yourself down to the movie theater on a weekly basis.


Appreciating film’s social role

Let’s get one thing straight. Film is human expression and to be quite frank, there is little more important than that. Many people are bound to want to argue with such a blanket statement, but film is without a doubt one of the greatest educational tools we have to hand. When given the chance, it has the ability to do real good in the world. It gives people a voice, allows them to be heard, and shares their message with others who just might care enough about what they see on the big screen to do something to help. So, if you’re even in the slightest way excited about being involved in something as powerful as that, study film.


Learning how to better understand people

On a final note, studying film teaches you to better understand the intricacies of people, their thoughts, emotions, behaviors, and ticks. You begin to train your mind to ask key questions during human interactions, like “Why did he do that?” and “Why did she react in that way?” The more you delve into film, the more you pick up on physical gestures, choice of words, motives, tone of voice, and eye contact.

So, don’t just study film because you want to work in the industry, study film because you want to connect better with those around you. Life’ll be that much sweeter. Honest.