The Best Bond Cars In Classic 007 Movies
The Best Bond Cars In Classic 007 Movies

James Bond films have earned themselves a spot in the record books for several reasons. Whether it’s the action that keeps viewers on the edge of their seats, the villains that need defeating, or simply the incredible classic vehicles that are always on show, these movies have something for everyone. However, the vehicles featured in 007 have become extremely famous, with many car collectors spending millions of dollars on them. Let’s look at the three best Bond vehicles from the entire franchise that still set fans’ hearts racing.


Aston Martin Vantage Volante – The Living Daylights


The 1987 classic, The Living Daylights, was the 15th entry into the series of Bond films. The 15th movie produced some of the most memorable James Bond moments and it featured one of the all-time best Bond vehicles, the Aston Martin Vantage Volante. Nothing screams class and elegance like a classic Aston Martin, and the sleek black model that was showcased in this film has those exact characteristics. The Vantage in this film was armed with highly dangerous weapons and missiles, making it not only one of the coolest Bond cars but one of the coolest cars in film history.

However, one thing that is never shown in the Bond films is just how much goes into the maintenance of a vehicle, especially one that is going to be featured in a blockbuster film. Regular car maintenance is extremely important as it will increase the longevity of your vehicle’s engine, improve your safety while driving, and potentially save you a lot of money in the long run. Conducting regular fuel checks, as well as oil and brake checks is exprelty important. Classic cars always need to be maintained and those that feature in Bond movies are proof of this.


Ford Mustang Mach 1 – Diamonds are Forever


Americans pride themselves on their classic muscle cars and James Bond paid tribute to this by including a lipstick-red Mustang Mach 1 in the 1979 installment of the film franchise. This vehicle has gone on to become one of the most classic American sports cars of its generation, and many enthusiasts have added it to their collections. New models of Mach 1 have also been released over the years, with Ford improving and enhancing them as they go. The model in the film had a red exterior and a black and red leather interior, and these signature colors have been repeated in many of the newer models too.


BMW Z3 – Goldeneye


Goldeneye has been lauded as perhaps the greatest film in the entire James Bond series, and for good reason. The plot and action sequences are incredible, and Pierce Brosnan gave the performance of a lifetime. On top of all of that, the BMW Z3 is one of the sleekest and most elegant sports cars in the franchise and is an embodiment of what it means to be James Bond. The car is more than just its looks though as the performance of a Z3 is impressive too. With an average of around 138 horsepower and a top speed of about 124 mph this car couldn’t be better suited to the world’s most famous fictional superspy.