The Possession of Hannah Grace Movie Review
The Possession of Hannah Grace Movie Review

Exorcism movies are surely something else. They’re not for the faint-hearted, especially if you believe in this spiritual practice of getting rid of evil spirits, demons, and other spiritual entities we always hear in folklore. If you’re a fan of the genre, we’re pretty sure you’ve already watched or heard of movies like The Last Exorcism, The Devil Inside, Deliver Us from Evil, The Conjuring, and The Exorcism of Emily Rose. And let’s be honest, these films can be pretty hard to beat. Of course, these movies are best watched with fast internet like fiber internet or downloaded, so no lags or buffering can ruin your movie night.

So today, we’re here to provide an in-depth review of this relatively new movie. For us, the Possession of Hannah Grace isn’t the best exorcism movie out there, but is it still worth watching? Let’s find out.


Where to Watch

Right now, you can watch The Possession of Hannah Grace on Netflix and Prime Video. Since it’s been years since it was released, you can expect it to be available on other streaming platforms like HBO Max, Go Latino TV, Hulu, and more.

Cast and Performance

Let’s talk about the performance of the actors and the cast itself. The movie’s protagonist is Megan Reed, played by Shay Mitchell, an ex-cop who’s mentally and emotionally unstable because she wasn’t able to save her partner in an encounter. She has an ex-boyfriend named Andrew Kurtz, who is played by Grey Damon. Hannah Grace, a.k.a. the cadaver, is played by Kirby Johnson.

Other cast include Stana Katic (Lisa Roberts) as Megan’s co-worker, Louis Herthum as the creepy man who wanted to get inside the morgue, which turned out to be Hannah Grace’s father, Nick Thune as Randy (EMT who eventually became Megan’s friend), and Maximillian McNamara as Dave.


Overall, the cast’s performance was decent. There wasn’t anything special, probably because the film was a bit slow-paced except during the last half of the film. Since Shay Mitchell’s character is the one carrying the entire film, there’s definitely a lot more to improve. She could have definitely benefited from a better portrayal of Megan Reed’s character and how she conveys emotional depth throughout the film.

For Kirby Johnson, it was a physically demanding performance, so she’s nothing but commendable. But if we were to compare her to Jennifer Carpenter’s Emily Rose, we think she can do more. But regardless, it’s a good performance for her. For the other cast, there’s not much depth to their characters since the entire film was focused on Shay Mitchell and her personal dilemma.


The movie starts with the possessed Hannah Grace in a room tied to a bed with his father and a priest who’s performing an exorcism. Unfortunately, the exorcism failed, the the priest leading the practice was killed. After three months, the screen shows Megan Reed, an ex-cop who was battling depression and addiction after her partner got killed in an encounter where she was there, but she wasn’t able to do anything. The memory of her partner and the person who killed her partner still haunts her from time to time.

Her friend helped her find a nightshift job at a morgue of the Boston Metro Hospital. Basically, her task is to take fingerprints and photographs of all the corpses that come in — so she did. Things got interesting on her second night. There was a creepy old man (Grainger) who wanted to come inside the morgue, but she declined and called security for help.

The same night, a brutally murdered young woman came in named Hannah Grace. When Megan tries taking the fingerprints and photos of the corpse, the machine malfunctions. This is where more strange things happen. The next major thing that happened was when Grainger tried to take Hannah’s corpse, but with the help of the security, they were able to stop Grainger and have him arrested. While Grainger is being taken away, he screams that the corpse isn’t really dead and they must burn her body to get rid of her permanently.

Megan asked her ex-boyfriend Andrew, who’s an active police officer, to run Hannah Grace’s fingerprints. Then, Andrew called her shortly, saying that the results were odd because it said that Hannah Grace had been dead for three months already. Then, Hannah started killing people in the morgue, starting with Dave. After Dave was killed, which Megan nor other people had any idea of, Megan noticed that Hannah’s wounds disappeared.

Megan then decided to check the CCTV footage and saw a crawling body that seemed like Hannah. She then showed it to Lisa, who dismissed what she said because of the Xanax bottle that she saw. Hannah later killed Lisa at the rooftop as well. Then, Randy arrived at the morgue, and Megan showed her how Hannah’s body was healing. Randy was then killed by Hannah that same night.

Andrew called Hannah, saying Grainger escaped custody. Shortly after, Grainger arrives at the morgue and points a gun at Megan, saying to take her to Hannah’s corpse, as he explains that he is Hannah’s father, and they did all the exorcism they could but failed. He also confirmed that Hannah heals herself by killing others.

Grainger and Megan teamed up to cremate Hannah’s body, but before they could do that, Hannah already threw Grainger’s body on fire. Hannah then trapped Megan’s body inside the morgue drawer. Andrew and Ernie rush to help Megan, and then Hannah kills Ernie. Hannah tries to kill Andrew as well, but Megan takes Andrew’s gun and shoots Hannah repeatedly.

She then drags Hannah’s body to the crematorium while Andrew calls for backup. Megan struggled a bit, but she successfully pushed Hannah’s body to fire.

Is It Worth Watching?

Not really. It’s like a cheap copy of The Autopsy of Jane Doe. Everything was predictable, and the highlight of the story wasn’t even Hannah Grace’s story but Megan’s personal struggles. Some parts of the movie were boring as well. This isn’t the kind of movie to keep you awake at night. But if it becomes available on various streaming platforms like Dish TV or free TV, then you can give it a try and let us know what you think!

Overall Rating = 3/10

The movie was rated 5.2/10 on IMBd, ⅖ on Common Sense Media, and 21% on Rotten Tomatoes. These are bad ratings, but we can’t blame them. It’s not the best exorcism movie developed, especially during this time.