Top 10 Raunchiest Comedy Moments
Top 10 Raunchiest Comedy Moments

Dede: “It’s so big and scary.”
Rounder: “Touch it again. It’s been so long.”

– Hardbodies (1984)


Sometimes, comedies go too far in trying to muster laughs. Other times, they don’t go far enough. This list honors the audacity of those who balance the fine line between good taste and undeniable despicableness. Of course, grimaces of disgust and cringes of horror frequently denote subjectivity; we’d like to think that one can’t help but to chuckle at a finely proportioned, exquisite serving of raunch.


10. Tropic Thunder: Ben Stiller takes a bite out of the director.

In Ben Stiller’s return to actually being funny, “Tropic Thunder” showcases plenty of scenes both hilarious and outlandish. But in this story of interchangeable realities and fantasies, Tugg Speedman’s (Stiller) attempt to convince his costars that it’s all fake definitely takes the cake – as he samples a bit of director Damien Cockburn’s (Steve Coogan) recently severed head, certain that it’s just rubber and fake blood.


9. Team America: World Police: The puppets get it on.

Though “South Park” continues to push the limits of the word “decency” in all its interpretations, Trey Parker and Matt Stone’s “Team America: World Police” stood out for this daring sequence, which, admittedly, just went too far (an unrated cut on home video was even more mind-bogglingly vulgar). While the whole film is rather tasteless in approach, the satire and celebrity-bashing definitely delivers the laughs.


8. Observe and Report: The streaker gets put down.

Jody Hill’s sophomore effort maintains a pitch-black sense of humor throughout, and though early visual hints foreshadow the obscenities to come, it scarcely prepares the viewer for the climactic barrage of wince-worthy nudity from a serial streaker before he’s finally apprehended.


7. National Lampoon’s Van Wilder: The rival frat eats the eclairs.

Some people hate this movie and others love it. Either way, it put Ryan Reynolds (and even Kal Penn) on the theatrical map, after having only starred in television series “Two Guys, a Girl and a Pizza Place.” Unfortunately, even with a brief foray into horror (with “The Amityville Horror” in 2005), Reynolds couldn’t stay away from incredibly inferior movies – perhaps until his comedian superhero turn as Deadpool. This scene from “Van Wilder,” featuring pastry filling getting replaced by bulldog semen, is by far the most deliciously disturbing of his comic involvements.


6. Clerks: Dante and Randal talk about … a lot of things.

It’s difficult to pinpoint the single raunchiest conversation in “Clerks,” since it’s a collection of nonstop, energetically lewd exchanges. None of the discussed acts are actually shown, but the dialogue is so deliriously raunchy that one’s imagination can (hopefully) make up for absent visuals. Necrophilia, video store porn, and the number 37 never sounded so dirty.


5. Porky’s: Ms. Balbricker grabs a handful.

Audiences knew something bad was going to happen when Tommy (Wyatt Knight) decided to put more than just his eye up to the infamous women’s shower spy-hole. The resulting struggle for life between the brazen teen and the angry gym coach (an aptly named Ms. Balbricker), as well as the subsequent retaliatory lineup, offers up a painfully hilarious prelude for the limits that later raunchy comedies would surpass.


4. American Pie 2: Jim gets romantic with superglue.

It would be too expected to choose the infamous pie-defiling scene from the original “American Pie,” so we went with the follow-up’s attempt at besting its predecessor. Each sequel introduced its fair share of cleverly crude gags, but this one was executed with distressing finesse. Like all of the pictures in the series, scenarios keep escalating to new heights of discomfort (Stifler’s encounter with a bad chocolate in “American Wedding” was an admirable effort, though its repulsiveness far outweighed its originality), but this one married slapstick with raunch to an amusing degree.


3. Dumb and Dumber: Harry can’t hold it in.

While this Farrelly Brothers’ early triumph couldn’t match their subsequent films in vulgarities, Jeff Daniels’ bathroom mishap remains a classic moment of comedy crudity. Plus, “There’s Something About Mary,” perhaps a more notable knee-slapper – what with its hair gel and zipper sequences – has already received plenty of accolades for its marvelous heights of indecency.


2. Borat: Borat wrestles Azamat – in the nude.

In one of the most excessive scenes of male nudity ever committed to celluloid, Sacha Baron Cohen’s Kazakhstan reporter battles his overweight producer (Ken Davitian as Azamat) completely in the buff, aided only by insufficient black bars of censorship. Borat’s questionable taste in swimwear also pushes some boundaries, but the naked wrestling and chasing through public settings is by far the most memorable of “Borat’s” depravities (whether or not viewers wish they could scrub it from their brains).


1. Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me: Austin drinks the coffee.

Everyone knows he’s going to do it, but it’s still unbelievable when he does it. Badly mistaking Fat Bastard’s stool sample for a fresh cup of coffee (though a bit nutty), Mike Myers’ swinging James Bond spoof cheerily chugs down a mug of the putrid brew. It’s just one of many questionable misadventures in the series, but the anticipation and the execution are perfectly revolting. Yeah, baby!