Top 10 Stoner Movies
Top 10 Stoner Movies

Each decade brings a new element to 420 culture. 90s stoner movies, in particular, had many people roaring with laughter at their stereotypical toker jokes.

Regulations surrounding weed are changing. High THC weed seeds, cannabis buds, and other 420 items enjoy legal status in multiple states.

One of the best activities to pair with a joint is kicking back in front of the TV. As choosing what to watch can be challenging, find ten of the best stoner shows below.


10. Dude, Where’s My Car? (2000)

This Ashton Kutcher classic hit screens two decades ago but remains one of the top picks for tokers. Dude, Where’s My Car? follows two friends, Jesse and Chester, as they try to find their missing vehicle after a long night out.

The pair barely remember the series of reckless events but attempt to retrace their steps.

They experience crazy adventures in some of the silliest and most comical scenes. One of the most memorable spectacles is where Jesse destroys the voice box at an Asian cuisine drive-through.


9. How High (2001)

Even at a time when it’s easy to watch stoner movies online, this comedy remains a fan favorite. How High follows Redman and Method Man as two stoners who recently lost a friend and accidentally smoke his ashes.

While buzzed, their deceased buddy visits them, and their lives take an unexpected turn. With the help of their friend from the beyond, they achieve record-breaking results on their exams.

The unlikely duo gets into Harvard and continues their 420 ways at the university.


8. Pineapple Express (2008)

Pineapple Express is one of the most famous weed-growing movies, as its characters smoke a rare cannabis strain only cultivated by experts.

It hit screens in 2008 and follows the misadventures of toker Dale Danton. He and his drug dealer witness a murder and need to escape gangsters and a furious killer.

There are plenty of iconic scenes which pair well with hard-hitting indica cultivars.


7. Up in Smoke (1978)

Before cannabis legislation started changing, Cheech and Chong advocated for the herb. Their movie, Up in Smoke, follows the escapades of a stoner-drummer, Anthony, and his toker pal, Pedro.

The two end up in prison for marijuana possession, and after they’re released, they get up to crazy antics. One of the most enjoyable scenes is when the duo enters a rock band contest. This movie is sure to have you laughing from start to finish.


6. American Ultra (2015)

American Ultra offers a more modern take on 420 culture than the typical 90s stoner movies. It involves the CIA tampering with mind control.

The film tells the story of peaceful Mike Howell, a stoner with an affinity for sketching cartoons. He lives with his girlfriend in a small town, but unknown to him, he possesses a weaponized skillset.

This action flick has hints of comedy, drama, romance, and suspense. Its themes mimic those in the top impossible mission movies.


5. Friday (1995)

Written by famous rapper Ice Cube, Friday is sure to have you in stitches. It follows two buddies who toke up a storm until their supplier finds out they’ve smoked the weed they should have sold.

He gives them an ultimatum: he’ll kill them if they don’t come up with $200 that evening. Their money-making attempts are suspenseful yet comical. This movie keeps you entertained regardless of which strain you enjoy.


4. Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle (2004)

Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle is a classic buddy stoner comedy. After watching an advertisement on TV while buzzed, two friends crave the sliders from White Castle.

Thanks to the powerful effects of the weed, they’re enchanted by the screen and decide to get the food they desire.

Their trip to the fast food store isn’t as straightforward as expected, and a series of crazy adventures ensue. Multiple events hinder their quest to satisfy their urge for burgers.


3. Half Baked (1998)

Half Baked is a crazy comedy telling the tale of four toker buddies that live together. When one friend gets arrested due to a misunderstanding, it’s up to the others to set him free.

The only problem is that they must raise a million dollars quickly. This hilarious film keeps you laughing till your tummy hurts. It features the talents of Dave Chapelle, Tommy Chong, and Harland Williams.


2. We’re the Millers (2013)

We’re The Millers follows a fake family as they try to make their way from the USA into Mexico. They aim to smuggle a large quantity of weed back into their home country.

The faux relatives feature a drug dealer dad, a stripper mom, and a runaway as the daughter. The family also has a “son,” the dealer’s neighbor. This crime-filled flick is a perfect action comedy with plenty of laughs along the way.


1. The Package (2018)

A group of teenagers is in for a wild adventure in The Package. They set out on their annual camping trip deep in an isolated forest. While goofing around on their first night, one friend chops off his private part and loses it in the dark.

Despite weak cell phone reception, they get an emergency helicopter to save their pal. Now they must find the missing “package” before time runs out. This movie has all the elements of a raunchy, stoner classic.