Top Ten Films of 2015
Top Ten Films of 2015

Despite 2015 being the year of “Star Wars,” it was once again the smaller, less-advertised films that made an impression on us. Granted that a blockbuster did make it on this year’s Top Ten list, but it was one that many audiences assumed would never stand a chance against the spate of superhero movies and dinosaur-laden, special effects extravaganzas released every week. As is typical, some of the biggest box office losers were actually quite well done, clearly hoping to snag critical acceptance over commercial success, since it’s rare to achieve both (though “The Force Awakens” garnered a number of high marks from respectable reviewers on its path to the fastest billion-dollar gross in movie history). As was also common for our selection process, the top few spots were filled easily, while the bottom of the list was a struggle; most years, it seems, a Top Five chart might be more appropriate. Or perhaps we’re getting curmudgeonly in our old age. Enjoy!

– The Massie Twins

10. The Walk

9. True Story

8. Shaun the Sheep Movie

7. Spotlight

6. Room

5. Steve Jobs

4. Joy

3. Mad Max: Fury Road

2. Inside Out

1. Carol