Top Ten Films of 2014
Top Ten Films of 2014

2014 proved to be a far superior year in filmmaking compared to 2013’s largely uninspired slew of pictures. Once again, the selection is diverse and runs the gamut from arthouse to mainstream, though the subtler, non-superhero and non-epic features made more of an impact. It will be a tough year to predict the Oscar winners, as many of the frontrunners are likely to split votes and no clear leader is evident amidst so many unique, artistic endeavors. Below are our choices for the very best of 2014!

10. The LEGO Movie

9. Snowpiercer

8. The Imitation Game

7. A Most Violent Year

6. Blue Ruin

5. The Grand Budapest Hotel

4. Nightcrawler

3. Birdman

2. Whiplash

1. Selma

– The Massie Twins