Top Ten Films of 2019
Top Ten Films of 2019

There were a lot of films to like this year – but not a lot to love. My annual Top Ten list would be more accurate as a Top Two; beyond the first couple of spots, a huge gap in quality separates the remainder on the list. Perhaps it would be more sensible to call everything after the initial four titles something along the lines of honorable mentions. Several of the choices toward the bottom are a bit of a stretch, but it was difficult to find enough titles worthy of being on a Top Ten – a trend that has plagued the ranking of selections over the last several years. Once again, the critic darlings (“Joker,” “Parasite,” “The Irishman,” “Once Upon a Time … in Hollywood,” and more) failed to impress me. Ah well; they just don’t make ‘em like they used to. Enjoy!

– Mike Massie

10. The Art of Self-Defense

9. 1917

8. Ready or Not

7. Doctor Sleep

6. Bombshell

5. Waves

4. The Lighthouse

3. Toy Story 4

2. Marriage Story

1. Jojo Rabbit