Top Ten Likeliest Reboots
Top Ten Likeliest Reboots

We live in an age of endless reboots. Often, this is a good thing. Plenty of cinephiles pretend to be annoyed by Hollywood’s “lack of creativity,” but as often as not rebooted franchises end up being pretty good. And for this reason, it feels like the trend is likely to continue. So with that in mind, here are some of our own picks for the films and franchises likeliest to be rebooted in the coming years…

10. Fantastic Four


This particular corner of Marvel’s comic empire has been developed a few times for the big screen, and was just rebooted in 2015. But that reboot crashed to a nine percent rating and likely squandered its sequel potential. But make no mistake, plenty of comic fans still love the Fantastic Four. If a deal can be worked out in which Marvel Studios, and not 20th Century Fox, has the character rights, this will be attempted again.

9. Back To The Future


It might seem as if the “Back To The Future” films are firmly rooted in the ’80s. But then again, they tried to remake “The Karate Kid,” they brought back “Star Wars,” and they’re still trying to continue “Indiana Jones,” so why not “Back To The Future?” The trick would be filling Michael J. Fox’s shoes.

8. Dune


Despite being one of the biggest names in science fiction, “Dune” hasn’t ever been made into a successful film. The 1984 one was a disaster, and there hasn’t been a real effort since. The closest we’ve come is a handful of forgettable ’90s and early-’00s video games dealing with the franchise. In an article on why “Dune” deserves a reboot, it was shown that some of the groundwork has already been laid. Visionary filmmaker Alejandro Jodorowsky was well into creating a version of the story at one point—a project the article refers to as one of the greatest films never made.

7. Hook


“Hook” with Dustin Hoffman and Robin Williams is a pretty classic children’s film, and a wonderful interpretation of the Peter Pan story. In some ways, it feels disrespectful to hope for a reboot. But when you remember that every generation deserves a Peter Pan story, it seems like a more appropriate idea.

6. Citizen Kane


Often cited as one of the greatest films of all time, “Citizen Kane” is borderline inaccessible for younger generations. Quite simply, it’s just a little bit dated (and not only because it’s in black and white). A remake with modern filmmaking that stays true to the original script and themes would be bold, but potentially wonderful. Plus, when you consider that some have argued the film predicted the rise of Donald Trump, it might be more relevant than ever. Incidentally, Trump has called it his favorite film.

5. Blade


The “Blade” trilogy fizzled out in the early 2000s, but it still feels like it’s everywhere. Wesley Snipes has been making noise about bringing it back or rebooting it for a couple of years now, and one site’s index of entertainment-based games still includes a “Blade” slot machine. When most similar licensed slot games involve characters who are currently starring in films or TV shows, that sort of thing stands out. And with Marvel constantly expanding its empire, a “Blade” reboot sounds like possibly the likeliest concept on this list.

4. Treasure Island


It’s mind-blowing that there’s not a successful modern film based on arguably the most popular pirate story of all time. Granted, “Pirates Of The Caribbean” cast a pretty big shadow for a decade or so, and is headed toward a fifth film. Nevertheless, it’s a travesty that the most well-known cinematic interoperation of Robert Louis Stevenson’s masterpiece is a muppet version. Eventually, someone in Hollywood will realize this.

3. Hitman


Like “Fantastic Four,” this was just attempted—and it failed miserably. Game-to-film adaptations don’t usually go well, but this one seems like it could be a success. Really, the game just provides a character and a sort of visual style or atmosphere to uphold. The rest just depends on a creative screenwriter inventing a story that could rival James Bond or Jason Bourne films.

2. You’ve Got Mail


This one might not have occurred to us, given that it pretty much thrived on the strength of Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan, and seems to belong squarely in the ’90s. But a post on ’90s movies deserving of reboots made a perfectly logical point, which is that internet dating has changed a whole lot since this film came out. That’s not to say the reboot ought to be “You’ve Got A Tinder Match,” but a similar concept updated to modern times could be fun.

1. The Matrix


“The Matrix” was ahead of its time in many ways. And it’s almost impossible to imagine anyone but Keanu Reeves, Laurence Fishburne, and Carrie-Anne Moss carrying this film. But at the same time, it was actually so ahead of its time that it reached a little bit in certain areas. Go back and watch the trilogy now (particularly the second and third films) and some of the effects look more like video games than a major feature film. Indeed, some of the major fighting sequences were straight-up animated. Re-doing “The Matrix” with modern effects (and, sure, 3D) could be insane.