Top Ten Movies About Luck
Top Ten Movies About Luck

Everyone loves to hear a tale of good fortune and imagine the same kind of thing happening to them. Winning the lottery, dating the dream partner, or getting an amazing job are all ideas that have been used in the film industry over the years. Here we take a look at the ten best movies about luck.


10. Yes Man

In Yes Man, Jim Carrey decides to say yes to everything, and his life takes off in an exciting new direction. He realises that absolutely anything is possible.


9. It Could Happen to You

In It Could Happen to You, Nicholas Cage plays an honest cop who wins the lottery and decides to share the $4 million fortune with a waitress he just met in a diner. This romantic comedy from Andrew Bergman is one of the most popular lottery-based films ever made.


8. What Happens in Vegas

Ashton Kutcher and Cameron Diaz starred in this 2008 romantic comedy from Tom Vaughan. They had to live life as a married couple in order to secure a large sum of money.


7. Lucky Number Slevin

Lucky Number Slevin is an intriguing and twisting tale of revenge starring Bruce Willis, Morgan Freeman, and Sir Ben Kingsley. Josh Hartnett finds himself in the middle of a gang war, and needs to hatch a cunning scheme to escape.


6. Pure Luck

Pure Luck is a 1991 comedy crime mystery starring Danny Glover and Martin Short. The daughter of a wealthy businessman goes missing in Mexico, and in an effort to find her he sends out the most unlucky man he knows.


5. Good Luck Chuck

Good Luck Chuck features a man who is a real-life lucky charm. Dane Cook stars as Charles Logan, and if women sleep with him they marry the next person they date. It becomes a curse when he meets the girl of his dreams, Cam Wexler played by Jessica Alba.


4. The Lucky One

The Lucky One is the tale of a marine fighting in Iraq who believes there is a woman back in America acting as his lucky charm. When he returns, he goes in search of his unknown love.


3. Just My Luck

In Just My Luck, Lindsey Lohan plays the luckiest woman around. But when she bumps into down-and-out Chris Pine, she soon realises that she has swapped her fortune for his.


2. Good Night, and Good Luck

Good Night, and Good Luck is a biographical drama in which broadcast journalist Edward R. Murrow aims to bring down US senator Joseph McCarthy. The stellar cast of this 2005 film features George Clooney and Jeff Daniels.


1. 29th Street

29th Street is a classic comedy from 1991 featuring Anthony LaPaglia and Danny Aiello. Based on a true story, it follows the trials and tribulations of a man who ends up in the unluckiest situations. In spite of this, he always manages to find a way out.

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