Watching Horror Films While Training Can Pump Up Your Routine Just in Time for Halloween
Watching Horror Films While Training Can Pump Up Your Routine Just in Time for Halloween

Some days, the motivation to train is lacking, especially now as we count down to Halloween. Yes, immediately the temperatures begin to drop and the color of the leaves starts to change, and most people would rather curl up with some popcorn and a scary movie. The good news is that researchers have discovered a new way to get you ready for Halloween while giving a boost to your fitness. It seems that watching horror films during a workout can add some significance to your aerobic training.

It may sound like a theory derived from a storybook. However, the facts are there and documented. A study was conducted at the University of Westminster that involved exposing subjects to iconic scary flicks. During the research, the patients had their carbon dioxide output, oxygen intake, and heart pace monitored.

Among the flicks shown to the subjects include ‘The Shining,’ ‘The Exorcist,’ and ‘Jaws.’ So, how helpful is this technique?


Helps You Burn Calories


Watching horror movies to help with weight loss is advice that the majority will ignore. Nonetheless, studies show that watching these films can help you lose up to 200 calories. It is good to keep in mind that not everyone is courageous enough to pop in a horror movie and start enjoying it right away. In the beginning, most scary films are unpredictable and can be quite stressful. You can try complimenting your movie experience with performance enhancers from 120kgs, just in case you feel like doing some quick exercises to get your blood pumping.

The same movie can soothe your situation and get you ready for any Halloween surprises. In 2014, a study showed evidence to back up the theory that a mix of visual and audio stimuli can make a workout feel less challenging. The results as displayed boosted moods during intense training in the same setting.


A Sense of Adrenaline Rush


According to medical experts, as you watch terror movies, the adrenal gland is functional and pumps adrenaline through your entire body. This helps improve your energy levels as well as provide feel-good chemicals in the brain. Watching such movies enables your brain to release chemicals such as dopamine, glutamate, and serotonin. These chemicals result in adrenaline release, which has a numbing effect like those of medicine. This is beneficial for your mental wellness since it minimizes your anxiety and stress levels.


Better Control of Reality


Think about it: watching terrifying flicks offers you control in the real world. These films can assist you in being more alert and better prepared for situations happening around you. If you think of all of the tricks people have up their sleeves, you’d want to be more alert during the Halloween period.

If you are up to the task but do not know which films to watch, here is a list of a few scary masterpieces you can try out: ‘Halloween,’ ‘RAW,’ ‘American Horror Story,’ ‘Texas Chainsaw Massacre,’ or ‘In Her Skin,’ just to name a few. Make sure to avoid watching horror films immediately before you sleep. Your heart rate will be already increased during the day, and there’s no reason to peak it as you sleep, too.