Us Again (2021)
Us Again (2021)

Genre: Fantasy and Short Running Time: 7 min.

Release Date: March 5th, 2021 MPAA Rating: G

Director: Zach Parrish Actors: N/A




n old man sits alone, channel surfing, attempting to avoid outside noises and interference from his accustomed solitude. His young-at-heart wife leans in from the kitchen, aiming to spark some of his past enthusiasm for life, but she’s unsuccessful, quickly leaving him to his stillness; he’s just too mentally exhausted and unmotivated. Or so he thought. A splash of magical rain and a formerly suppressed, now unavoidable inner rhythm soon have him boogying down the fire escape and onto the bustling street, until he’s once again dancing with his wife as if he were a fresh-faced, limber teen.

Accompanying “Raya and the Last Dragon,” this short animated film employs what many before it did: wordlessness. And that concept is used to great effect here, allowing the upbeat, jazzy music to narrate not only the energetic dancing, but also the wealth of emotions that guide the lead duo. So much is said through unspoken exchanges; expressions depict utter joy to a remarkable degree. Brief, simple, and incredibly sweet, this clever, vibrant, inspirational picture is an absolutely sumptuous appetizer; it’s almost a shame that it doesn’t carry on past its 7-minute runtime, especially with its lively score and its heartwarming stars.

– Mike Massie

  • 8/10